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Welcome to the website for meetings in Colorado that deal with 12-Step recovery from sex related problems such as sexual addiction, love addiction, surviving child sex abuse, or a life that is being affected by someone else's compulsive sexual behavior. The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions have been adapted by these S-groups from the model used successfully by Alcoholics Anonymous to overcome alcoholism for over 70 years.

Members of our weekly meetings are ready to help you address what is bothering you. Each of us knows the pain of addiction and the discomfort of asking for help about sexual problems. Please don't be embarrassed...we aren't. Click here for details on how to Contact Us. Click here to go directly to the Weekly Meetings list. Please be clear that our meetings are NOT a place to pick up sex partners!

If you are not sure whether our meetings will address the behaviors you need help with, click here for "What is a Sex or Love Addict?"
Click here to compare fellowships regarding their recovery goals ("a desire to stop (something)..." as described in Tradition 3). Click here to compare the personal obsessions targeted by each fellowship (what they feel powerless about in Step 1).

If you got to this website because you are struggling with an obsession with sex on the internet, you might like to visit SAA or Sexaholics Anonymous meetings where that is discussed often.

Click here for info on the International Fellowships.You will find an overview of the International Fellowships - How They Started and Why They Differ. You will also find links to fellowship websites where you can learn in depth about the beliefs and practices of each.

Click here for Stories of recovery by Colorado members

Right now you can click on Stories by members in Colorado describing their journey from addiction to recovery.

Click here for Colorado Service Group informationThis inter-fellowship, statewide committee serves the 12-Step meetings across Colorado.

We are NOT professional counselors. We are organizations of peers who support one another to overcome the dysfunctional behaviors that are damaging our lives. We meet weekly, sometimes daily, and live our Program one-day-at-a-time.




Meeting Info

Fifty meetings across the state are listed in the Meetings page. Most are "closed" to the general public and therefore available only to persons addressing their own compulsivity problems. This is NOT a place for picking up sex partners.

You can also leave your name and number with the response lines below and a local member will call you back:

Denver SAA: (303) 847-4980
Denver SLAA: (720)327-4463
Ft Collins/NEst SAA (970) 372-0553
CSpgs/SWest SAA(719) 359-4284

Colorado Sexaholics: (303) 292-3376 with 20 additional meetings not listed at this site.
Northern Colorado Sexaholics: (970) 797-1430
Colorado Springs Sexaholics: (719) 260-6760
Western Slope Sexaholics: (970) 319-7147

Colorado Springs SLAA and SexA: (719) 387-0988

New Meetings

As new meeting info reaches us, we place it here. See details on the "Meetings" page.


International Fellowships
and Independent Meetings currently active in Colorado
(click the LOGO for their fellowship website)

Logo of Capitol Hill Sexual Recovery meeting CHSR--Capitol Hill Sexual Recovery meeting, Denver

Click for website of COSA in MinneapolisCOSA - Codependents of Sexual Addiction

Click for website of RCA in CaliforniaRCA - Recovering Couples Anonymous

Click for RSOA page at this websiteRSOA - Recovering Sex Offenders Anonymous meeting of Denver

Click for website of S-Anon in NashvilleS-Anon - International Family Groups

Click for website of SA in NashvilleSA - Sexaholics Anonymous

Click for website of SAA in HoustonSAA - Sex Addicts Anonymous

Click for website of SLAA in San AntonioSLAA - Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

These meetings in Colorado Springs have no websiteSexA - Sex Anonymous of Colorado Springs

Click for website of SIA in BaltimoreSIA - Survivors of Incest Anonymous


Click on thumbnail to read stories shared by members of 12-Step recovery meetings in Colorado.

At 7 her father broke her hymen. At 12 she was raped. By 16 she saw herself as a 'bad girl.'I Admit I'm Powerless—Following Childhood Sexual Abuse, She Became a 'Bad Girl'

I thank God that He brought me to this program and has shown me a new way of life. Not only can I express myself here; I can do so without judgment.  It is hard to be honest about molesting a child. I know that my recovery will be a life time effort with the help of this 'S' fellowship.Emotionally Detached—A Lifetime of Sexual Preoccupation Led to Abusing his Stepdaugher.

Help me to walk on the path of recovery for the rest of my life and to learn to appreciate the progress I make on that path.Courage to Follow
a Meditation

Before becoming intoxicated with desire, I could check my feelings against the H-A-L-T criteria. I could eat and relax before starting my computer homework. Powerless at Midnight—What a Cybersex Addict Learned from his Slip

Step 6 becomes a lifetime job...we continue to make progress in this area for as long as we live. For Step 7 to work, we must be humble. Halfway There—Steps 6 and 7 Are an Ongoing and Lifelong Process

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"Individual Recovery
Many Resources"

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park




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