Meeting in St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 13th and Vine, Denver

St. Barnabas Wednesdays
S.L.A.A. Meeting

An "Open" Meeting

Wednesdays, 6:45 to 8:00pm
in St. Barnabas Episcopal Church,
1280 Vine St, corner of 13th Ave, Denver, Colorado
(west door, straight into main hall, fireplace room on the right)  
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Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous

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  You will be welcome at this meeting of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. However, this is NOT a place for picking up sex partners nor to find romantic relationships. We are a 12-Step, 12-Tradition fellowship, patterned after the successful program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our group began in 1987 and the range of our membership includes men and women with twenty years experience in recovery as well as those just making a start. We are an "open" meeting which means that we are open to anyone wishing to know more about recovery from sex and love addiction. We welcome those desiring help with personal problems as well as others who just need to learn about sexual addiction recovery.

Our Meetings
We meet on Wednesday evenings at 6:45pm in the fireplace room of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1280 Vine Street in Denver. Click here for a MAP. Meetings last for an hour and a quarter (till 8:00pm) and include:
  • Members sharing recovery experiences on various topics
  • A brief time for business matters
  • Celebrations of personal accomplishments
  • A time divided into small circles for "getting current."
We are strictly a peer group and meetings are chaired by various members and no individual is "in charge." Decision making happens by "group conscience" during the monthly business meetings.

Who Should Attend?

Perhaps you feel you are struggling with problems related to sex, or an obsessive relationship. You have tried to curb or stop the behavior but find you cannot. Some people spend endless hours browsing porn sites on the web, yet can't seem to stop. Some people are hopelessly "shut down" in the pattern we call "sexual anorexia." Perhaps you have been arrested for illegal sexual behavior and feel a need to talk with people who know something about what to do next. In other words, something has happened in your life and you know that you need help.

These and dozens of other scenarios are the reasons that men and women show up for their first time at an S.L.A.A. meeting. We will welcome you, because a part of our personal recovery process is to "be there" for others, just as people were there for us when we attended our first meeting.

Again, let us make it clear that our meetings are NOT a place for picking up sex partners nor to find romantic relationships. We are very serious about stopping those behaviors and strongly support one another in those goals.

Those Who Need to Know More About Recovery from This Addiction
There are also others who visit our meeting because they simply want to know more about this topic. Maybe they are writing a research paper on sexual addiction or 12-Step peer groups for a college class. Maybe their spouse or other family member seems to be having problems with sexual addiction and they wonder whether S.L.A.A. meetings might help. While our meeting is a place for the addict, we provide information for the spouse/significant other to get help for himself/herself through other 12-Step groups such as local COSA meetings (Codependents of Sexual Addiction) and RCA meetings (Recovering Couples Anonymous).

There are those, too, who want to familiarize themselves with how the program works: the meeting format, the sort of people who are attending, the information we are disseminating, whether anyone is really being helped, etc. Often that visitor is a helping professional wondering whether to recommend our meetings to a client; perhaps a therapist, a probation officer, a church counselor, a social worker. While 12-Step meetings are rather well known these days due to the 75 year success of Alcoholics Anonymous, a deeper knowledge of this peer-group-approach to changing human behavior may be what you need to know. We'd be happy for you to experience the way the 12-Step process is working for us. We don't diagnose or provide treatment like a professional. We don't give advice. All we have to offer is our experience, the strength of a group of sincere people pulling together, and the hope that things can become better for other sex and love addicts like us.

What Does It Cost?
The program is free to all, however members make donations to cover the expenses of room rental, literature and several business matters. We do not bear the costs of advertising, as we believe our program should "attract" newcomers because of the changed lives of the membership, rather than via promotional schemes.

We are affiliated with Logo of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, a fellowship of over 13,000 members worldwide, meeting each week in gatherings just like ours. We also participate in the statewide outreach efforts and conferences of the Logo of the Colorado Service Group Colorado Service Group. If you haven't already, click and visit their websites.

What is a Sex and Love Addict?
We in S.L.A.A. believe that sex and love addiction is a progressive disorder that will not go away on its own, but which, like many illnesses, can be arrested. It may take various forms — including (but not limited to) a compulsive need for sex, inappropriate impulsive sexual actions, extreme dependency on one person (or many), and/or a chronic preoccupation with romance, intrigue or fantasy. An obsessive/compulsive pattern, either sexual or emotional, or both, exists in which relationships or sexual activities have become increasingly destructive to career, family and one's sense of self-respect. Sex and love addiction, if left unchecked, always gets worse.

What We Are Doing About It
We have found that by following a simple program which has proven successful for scores of other men and women with this same disorder, we do recover. In S.L.A.A., we learn to accept the reality of having this addiction and surrender any notion that we can control it successfully on the basis of our unaided will. The process is called "working the 12 Steps" and includes admitting personal powerlessness over this affliction, stopping our addictive behavior, turning to guidance from a Power greater than ourselves, and making restitution for harm done to others. It involves reconstructing our lives physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. To read the 12 Steps click here.

Are You One?
If you are wondering whether you actually have an addiction around sex and relationships, you might like to use a self evaluation tool we've created called "40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis." You can pick up a free copy from our literature rack, or click here to access the questionnaire at our fellowship website.

Free Pamphlets
You may use our Literature Rack to choose from 40 free pamphlets dealing with recovery topics and various aspects of this disorder. Ten are conference-approved titles from the international S.L.A.A. fellowship. Many are meeting-approved pamphlets written and published by our autonomous group. Some flyers announce other local S.L.A.A. meetings, conferences, or related 12-Step groups.

Lending Library for Members
Members are able to borrow books and audio tapes for a few weeks. Their authorship is varied including titles from other 12-Step fellowships such as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anoymous, and audio tapes of S.L.A.A. members sharing at local and international conferences.

Use Vine St Entrance
Use the West Entrance of St Barnabas church

Enter the West door to Parish Hall on First Floor

Clickhere for MAP

Go to First Floor, Fireplace Room

Go into the Fireplace Room through folding doors

Our meeting room, showing the literature racks in background behind the colorful couches

Free Pamphlets
Some 40 free pamphlets are available

Besides sex and love
addiction issues,
we provide literature on COSA
Codependents Of Sexual Addiction

Information available on COSA meetings for those in a codependent relationship with a sex or love addict.
as well as info on
Couples Anonymous

Information is available on local meetings of Recovering Couples Anonymous

The Twelve Steps
Click here to access the 12 Steps

"40 Questions,
" a  
pamphlet for self-diagnosis  
The free pamphlet, "40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis" is available at our meetings. Or CLICK the title above to access it now.

Our Basic Text is available
The Basic Text of SLAA may be purchased

A Lending Library
is available for
Lending Library available for members

Visit the website of our fellowship-wide service office in San Antonio at
   Click for website of the Colorado Service Group
Colorado Service Group
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Our group does NOT speak for S.L.A.A. as a whole. S.L.A.A. neither endorses nor recommends other fellowships including COSA and RCA (mentioned above). They are identified only to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn about other Twelve Step/ Twelve Tradition recovery groups dealing with addiction to sex, love, and relationships.
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